Perfect Air Plug-In

Perfect Air Plug-In

The Perfect Air Plug-In generates a constant stream of Ozone and Negative Charged Ions. This compact unit can eliminate odors caused by smoke, mold, mildew, and 100's of other odor causing chemicals withought the use of harmful chemicals, noisy fans, or dirty filters.

Chemical Free

Unlike other plug-ins or sprays that send chemicals into the environment to hide or mask odors, the Perfect Air Plug-In is 100% natural and chemical free!

No Moving Parts

Using Zontec's proprietary ION WIND technology the Perfect Air Plug-In has no moving parts! No noisy fans and no dirty filters. Odor destroying Ozone rides on a wave of ions created within the Perfect Air Plug-In and cleans the air in your room and throughout your home.

Super Ion Generator

Enhance your environment with the benefits of negative ions. The Perfect Air Plug-In used a two pronged attack to clean your air. Odor destroying Ozone and particle removing ions. Leave your air clean and odor free with the Perfect Air Plug-In by Zontec.

Why the Original is Still the Best

Zontec first released the Perfect Air Plug-In in 1998 and has been improving upon it ever since. Unlike other similar appearing products, the Original Perfect Air Plug-In has been in service for over six



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