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Zontec is proud of our reputation for putting the customer first in every area of our operations. We feel that this attitude is one of the most important contributors to our success and the success of the customers we serve. It is with pride that we are able to share actual customer testimonials that confirm that our products and services not only meet the needs of industry, but also surpass our customer’s expectations with respect to effectiveness, efficiency, and quality.

These are excerpts from just a few of the testimonial letters we have received over the last fifteen years, spanning a variety of models and applications.


I absolutely swear by it. By washing the bedspreads and using the (Zontec) Ozone Generator you can turn a smoking room into a non-smoking room. I'm sorry if I sound like a commercial but I really do like how well this machine performs.
Greg Stauffer
Quality Inn
I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the (Zontec) ozone equipment we purchased from you. It has performed flawlessly. The ideal situation is a room with no odor. We have been able to achieve that with the ozone equipment
Clark Byram
Hampton Inn
The housekeeper and guest response was so positive that we purchased a unit for each of our housekeeping sections. We are extremely happy with the results. The units are used daily in each room to ensure that the rooms smell fresh when the guests check in.
Victor G. Martin, C.H.A.
Best Western


I must take this opportunity to thank you for being a true customer oriented person. When I had questions on this unit or in need of filter or cleaning kit all was taken care of quickly.
George A. Galipeau
Residential/Commercial Cleaning Services
We are a cleaning/renovation company. The safety of our employees is of the utmost importance to our company. When as we are working on a job site, if we have introduced any chemicals, paint, or installed
Nancy Green
Evergreen Enterprises
We love the pure air while sleeping.
Estelle Marek
Best Western


The washroom had a very strong odour and we decided to try the Zontec ozone generators. The (Zontec) unit was able to solve the odour problem in the washroom.
Janet St. George
McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited
Since purchasing the O3 Air Purification System (by Zontec), we have noticed remarkable changes. First, it eliminated virtually all of the odour in the lounge from cigar and cigarette smoke.
Robert Kroon
Black Rhino Bar & Grill, Calgary
We have been using your washroom deodorizer (the Perfect Air Plug-In) in the restrooms in my restaurant for some time now. Unlike regular cleaning methods
Troy W. Davis, CHA
Chairman of the Board Best Western International


The washroom had a very strong odour and we decided to try the Zontec ozone generators. The (Zontec) unitwas able to solve the odour problem in the washroom. It proved to be an effective answer to the problem.
Lois C. Langtry
Gold River Realty
I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and information you gave me on your machines. When I called it was not my intention to buy a machine I wa going to rent one. After speaking with you I decided to buy the PA2500 to
Clay Jackson
Memphis TN


We installed the Zontec Ozone Generator in our recycling plant on May 31, 1993, and since we have installed this unit, it has made a drastic change in our employee's working environment.
James M. Foote
The Paragon O3 Air Purification System (by Zontec) is a must for any athletic club with locker rooms, weight rooms, exercise rooms, lounges any area that needs
Kevin Doucett
Heritage Square Fitness & Racquets Club
We have a designated smoking area in our office. It has always been a contentious issue with both smokers and non-smokers alike. Since running the unit as
Sherwood J. Young
Greymantle Industries Ltd.

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