Tips on Improving Home Air Quality

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The rising levels of outdoor air pollution caused by wildfires, automobiles, and industrial exhaust is enough to make you want to stay inside all the time. While you might think that is the answer, those odors and air pollution can still get into your home with ease. Opening windows and doors allows those fumes to flood your home. Houses can have funky odors even without help from the outside world. Pets, food smells, household cleaners, and piles of the kids’ dirty laundry can turn a lovely home into a tornado of odors. There’s hope, though, because you don’t have to live with those foul scents. Read these tips for improving indoor air quality and breathe freely. 

Know the Source of the Odors and Eliminate Them 

Without knowing the source of the foul scents, these indoor air quality tips are useless. Know what you are fighting against before investing in solutions. Common air pollutants can come from the outdoors, your pets, a mold issue, asbestos, or something decomposing in the attic. An air-quality study in your home can point you in the right direction if your nose can’t. 

  • Use a Zontec ozone machine to purify the air in your home first. Eliminating the odors from the beginning will help identify where they are coming from. Start from square one with clean air, then make the necessary changes to keep it that way. 
  • Change the air filters in your furnace regularly. They get overloaded with dust and debris and lose effectiveness. 
  • Check your air ducts for excessive dust and allergens. Having them cleaned every few years will improve the air quality. 
  • Add plant life to your home. Plants are nature’s air filters, and they will improve the air quality and add ambience to your home. 
  • Look for mold in the bathroom and basement because it loves cool, damp, and dark spaces. If mold is present, remove it quickly. A call to a mold remediation company is usually in order.