Besides the unpleasant odor, tobacco smoke can cause serious allergy and respiratory problems. Cigarettes are composed of over 4,000 chemicals, with around 40 known carcinogens which are cancer causing agents. Most people do not enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke and if you’re in certain fields such as real estate sales, you know that cigarette smoke smell can be the difference between selling a house and losing the sale.

Zontec Ozone Generators are effective and highly recommended if you are trying to get rid of strong cigarette smoke odors. The method of eliminating odors at the molecular level is highly reactive and quickly removes cigarette odors from the air that you breathe. When used properly, it is not harmful to human health. The Zontec units need to be run when no one is around and can automatically turn themselves on and off.

So if you want to sell that house or car or if you want to get rid of cigarette smell odor in general, Zontec Ozone Generators are the way to go. They will cleanse the air and eliminate the odor at the source instead of just masking it.

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