Fruits and vegetables are products that need to be replaced weekly because they ripen very quickly. Most of us never completely use up our supply before they rot and have to throw away the fruits and vegetables. If you live in a humid climate, you will notice that food in your pantry can absorb the humidity. This causes the products to become moist and can ruin the food and also cause mold and mildew.

With a Zontec Ozone Generator you can rest assured that you no longer have to discard rotted produce every week. You can extend the shelf-life of your food and in return save yourself time and money. Zontec Controls the growth of mildew and molds by oxidizing it which disables its capacity to reproduce. The ozone produced also slows the ripening of fruit so that your produce will last longer. Another advantage of Zontec Ozone Generator’s is it deodorizes and sterilizes refrigerating spaces.

Through the application of ozone from a Zontec Ozone Generator, you can extend your food shelf-life. The ozone will attack mold and mildew at the molecular level to ensure that your food remains edible. It will also prevent the fast ripening of your fruits and vegetables in a safe and natural way so that you are not faced with any health risks. Zontec creates ozone electronically just like nature’s natural way of producing ozone-lightening!

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