Cleaning Up After A Kitchen Fire

Cleaning Up After a Kitchen Fire

A fire can be a catastrophic event. Not only can your things be destroyed, but the smell will linger in walls, ceilings, cabinets, carpet, etc. It can also be bad for your health because particles remain and the air and can be ingested or inhaled by residents of the building. If you have ever had a kitchen fire you know how bad the smell is. Not only is there regular smoke smell, there’s burnt food smell and it emanates throughout the whole home.

Most of the time if there has been a kitchen fire, you have to replace the stove, cabinets, and paint the walls and ceiling. A lot of times that doesn’t work and the whole house will smell like burnt food and smoke. Well if you purchase a Zontec Ozone Generator you only have to replace what was burnt in the fire. The unit will completely eliminated any trace of smoke smell or burnt food. Because of the high oxidizing power of ozone the tough smells are easily removed and do not return.

Zontec Ozone Generator will remove the toughest smoke and burnt food odors. Instead of completely ripping up the carpet, removing all the furniture, and repainting the rooms you can save yourself time and money by using a Zontec Ozone Generator. The odors will be permanently removed without all the hassle and aggravation.

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