Ozone machines are used in a wide range of fields from professional painters to hotels. The have many commercial uses and can be used by businesses as well as regular consumers. The Zontec Ozone Generators will eliminate any odors or bacteria through the use of ozone on a molecular level.

Bowling allies use the Zontec Ozone Generators to reduce the smell of cigarette smoke odors and stale alcohol odors. The also eliminate all other odors such as food from the concession bars. Bowling allies also use Zontec for deodorization and disinfection of bowling shoes because ozone kills bacteria, fungus, mold, etc. They are also used to sanitize bathrooms and kitchens.

Another commercial use of Zontec Ozone Generators is in hotels which have to meet high expectations in hygiene and sanitation. Hotels that have used Zontec Ozone Generators have found that they eliminate odors where nothing else would. Not even commercial cleaners and air fresheners did the job. Hotels use wall mounted Zontec units in the kitchen, lounge, bars, bathrooms, rest rooms, offices, bedrooms and garbage rooms where they not only deodorize but disinfect as well.

Another commercial use of Zontec Ozone Generators is for professional painters. After a room or building has been painted, the fumes are very strong and can last up to a week. Zontec doesn’t just mask the paint fumes, it eliminates it. Because ozone is a gaseous element, it can penetrate every nook and cranny and absorb into all surfaces which wouldn’t be possible with any other deodorizing product. After the Zontec Ozone Generator has been run; people can enter the building without smelling the harsh paint fumes. It will smell fresh like after a rain storm.

These are just some of the commercial uses for Zontec Ozone Generators but there are many others. Bowling allies, hotels, and painting contractors use these machines to eliminate odor permanently and to sanitize and disinfect. Because the ozone attacks at the molecular level it completely absorbs the odor molecules and prevents the odors from returning.

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