Many unexpected events can occur when a vehicle is concerned, the more obvious being car accidents, but what about floods? No one expects floods to happen or expects to have to drive through water, but it happens. A car that has had water damage can smell very musty and it gets inside the upholstery and air vents just like cigarette smoke. Well if you’re trying to sell a vehicle of looking to purchase one, odors are a major factor when it comes to cars.

Zontec Ozone Generators deodorize cars by producing ozone that kills the smell of cigarette smoke and mustiness from the upholstery. Most vehicles are given a “shock” treatment in which the ozone is blasted at high overnight which eliminates the odors permanently. The ozone even reaches inside the air vents where smell will linger. The ozone will also prevent or stop the growth of mold, mildew and fungus by oxidizing it and in doing so, disables their capacity to reproduce and eventually kills them by extinction.

If your looking to sell or purchase a vehicle or if you’ve driven through a flood or smoke in your car and can’t stand the odor anymore, then you need a Zontec Ozone Generator. It permanently eliminates your odor problem unless you reintroduce the contaminant to your vehicle. You will also improve your health if there is any mold, mildew, or fungus present and prevent any future health problems.

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