Mold and mildew are very hazardous to our health. They can cause sinus infections, skin irritation, itchy eyes, etc. With constant exposure over a period of time, mold and mildew can have more serious consequences on our health. Some examples are asthma and lung infections such as bronchitis. So as soon as signs of mold and mildew appear, it is essential to treat them.

The most effective way to treat mold is by using a Zontec Ozone Generator. The ozone is created electrically by converting oxygen into ozone. Ozone oxidizes mold and in doing so, disables its capacity to reproduce and eventually kills it by extinction. High concentrations of the ozone are produced to effectively decontaminate mold and mildew infestation. The Zontec Ozone Generator works best when placed in a dry environment so it is important to make sure that the factors causing the mold such as water seepage, humidity and lack of ventilation in the area, be addressed first.

The size and the amount of mold and mildew in the contaminated area will determine how much ozone needs to be produced. Zontec carries several different types of machines to meet the criteria. For example if the room is small and has a low concentration of mold and mildew then the amount of ozone produced would need to be lower then if the room was large and the mold concentration was high. If the ozone concentration is too weak in comparison to the problem, the decontamination will fail and the mold and mildew will remain. The dead mold and mildew should be wiped away to prevent its return. Any articles of clothing, furniture, etc containing mold that cannot be wiped away should be removed as well.

As long as the Zontec Ozone Generator’s are used properly they will kill the mold. These ozone generators are the most efficient way to rid the contaminated area of mold and mildew. Other chemicals and disinfectants can be used but they are hazardous to our health and they are not as effective as the Zontec Ozone Generator’s.

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