Recently a woman was found dead in her apartment. The woman had a hard time moving around and was almost handicapped. She also had prior medical conditions and had been hospitalized for a month. No one had noticed that she had died until people living in the apartments around her began to smell the dead body odor. She was discovered almost four weeks after she had already died.

The manager of the apartment complex called Zontec Ozone Generator’s and purchased one of the units. When I brought the unit over, I was shown the apartment. The smell was one you will never forget. It was absolutely horrendous. It reminded me of some of the mausoleums I’ve been to with bad odor problems. If you’ve ever dealt with a dead body you know the smell lingers.

We set up the unit and had the maintenance department run the machine overnight. The odor was completely eliminated. Zontec removed the odor by the ozone attaching itself to the odor molecule. It oxidized the odor molecule and destroyed the odor at its source instead of just masking it.

In conclusion, using the ozone to eliminate the dead body odor was the best way possible. Instead of using chemicals, deodorizers, and air fresheners that mask the odor but don’t get rid of it, Zontec eliminated the odor on the molecular level. By attacking the odor at the molecular level, we have ensured that the odor does not come back.

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