By Edward Robertson

The evolution of the gymnasium or “gym” into what we know as the “fitness center” “or “fitness club”, has created a multi-billion dollar a year industry, as well as revolutionized the whole image of what working out looks, feels, and smells like. Gone are the days of old buildings with wooden floors, barbells, and boring paint jobs with black and white fight posters plastered everywhere, with the stale odor of the sweat of all the gym rats hanging heavy in the air. These have been replaced by well designed, colorful environments with sleek new workout machines and gadgets, colored pictures and trophies of the competitors on the walls, televisions, and the stale of old sweat odor hanging heavy in the air. The locker rooms have that age old problem still, and that is, they do not have an inviting smell. Mildew, old sweaty clothes, wet towels, and showers and bathrooms all combine for some problematic odors which the modern day client of the fitness center does not expect to suffer with considering the cost of their membership to the fitness center.

In fact, one of the leading causes for a prospective member to decide against purchasing a membership at a fitness center is poor odor control. Since keeping their current members happy and successful recruiting of new members are the two major factors in the profit margin for fitness clubs, it seems that odor control in the locker room and throughout their facilities should be very high on the list of concerns for the owners and the membership managers.

Cleaners of modern workout facilities have faced these odor challenges for years now, using various assorted sprays and chemical cleaners and deodorizers to attack the problem with. These sprays and deodorizers just don’t get the job done. At best, they temporarily mask the smells, however, what usually happens in the locker rooms is that the body odors, colognes, urine and feces odors combine with the chemical smells produced by the cleaners and deodorizers. The result is a smell that is much worse than the smell was before using the cleaning agent!

One company has come up with the cure for these odor problems utilizing a scientific breakthrough. That company is Zontec, which has discovered that through using physics, all of these odors can be destroyed, once and for all. Zontec has developed a machine that circulates millions of molecules of air into the room where the odor is, attacking the odor at the molecular level, and destroying it. Instead of smelling stale from the smells of body odor, urine, feces, and chemical cleaners, the environment smells sweet and fresh, just like the air does after a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm is nature’s way of cleaning the air, and that is what The Zontec machine literally reproduces what happens naturally to clean the air that we breathe everyday. Because it mimics what nature does, there are no chemicals emitted into the air, so it is a green solution also!

With the Zontec solution, odor problems are eliminated for good, and as a result, the environment in the fitness center is left smelling wonderful. Members can enjoy their physical pursuits in a clean and healthy area, and the focus and concentration levels of their work outs is increased, which means happier, healthier clients. The cleanliness will also attract new members, and that means an increase in profits for the fitness center, so, the customers and the owner are happy and everyone wins!

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