This Story Smells Funny

This Story Smells Funny

by Gail Waters

Recently, we sent one of our Zontec, machines over as a demo model to help a prospect who was a used car dealer. The dealer was having difficulty selling a pre-owned van, because the vehicle happened to have an odor problem. In short, the van smelled like cow manure, and the chances of anyone buying that particular vehicle were slim to none. It looked like slim just rode out of town on a horse, so things didn�t look promising for the dealer selling the van.

Here is what happened: the Zontec ozone generator was used and the vehicle was properly treated. The very next day when we returned to the dealership, our demo machine was there, but the van was nowhere to be found on the lot. We thought this was a good sign, because the vehicle was gone. We were correct in assuming that the vehicle�s absence was good news. The day after we let the dealership use our machine, the car that they were having odor issues with was actually sold.

We felt good about this and were expecting to collect our money for the sale of the machine, when the car dealer told us he was not going to make the purchase. Now, this baffled us, so we asked him why the vehicle that smelled like cow manure had sold. Of course, we expected to make the sale here, but what happened was that the dealer said that the machine didn�t work, which smelled a little fishy to us. We next asked him how they sold the car, and he told us that there was a couple in town from Iowa, and that the couple lived in a rural area. This couple purchased the vehicle because they were used to the odor of cow manure, the dealer told us, and it reminded them of home-sweet smelling-home.

To sum it up, we had a vehicle that smelled like bovine excrement, which the dealer had no chance of selling, and in which we put our Zontec machine to kill the odor. The following day, the vehicle sold right away. We believe that there is no one in their right mind who would buy a car reeking from the smell of cow dung, even if the cow was not consuming beans as the primary source of his diet. So we have only one conclusion to draw from this. OUR MACHINE WORKED! There is no bull here; the Zontec� system removes odors completely, through physics, eliminating offending odors completely.

Here�s how: the Zontec� machine that circulates millions of molecules of air into the vehicle where the odor is, attacking the odor at the molecular level, and destroying it. Then, the environment smells sweet and fresh, just like the air does after a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm is nature�s way of cleaning the air, and the Zontec� machine literally reproduces what happens naturally to clean the air that we breathe everyday. Because it mimics what nature does, there are no chemicals emitted into the air, so it is a green solution also!

With the Zontec solution, odor problems are eliminated for good, and as a result, the environment in the vehicle is left smelling fresh. Obviously, vehicles that are free of odors mean higher profits for the dealer through both increased sales, and through more business from repeat customers. So, Zontec� is not only a solution for killing unwanted odors, but it also is a great tool for increasing profits!

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