Thank you for your help locating the Zontec PA200 air deodorizer. On a recent trip to Michigan for work, I became very ill due to the cleaning products and spray deodorizers used in my hotel room. The window wouldn’t open so I called housekeeping to ask for help to get fresh air.

Housekeeping brought the PA200 to my room and treated the room. After just fifteen minutes there was a noticeable difference in the room. It was amazing! They allowed me to keep the machine in the room to run it once a day for most of the week. The machine was taken out of the room for two days and on those days I was very sick again. As soon as the machine was returned and cycled, I recovered. It was amazing!

The Zontec PA200 is a great product that I intend to use in my office and home. In the future I plan to take it with me on business trips because not all hotels use this remarkable product.

Thank you again for your help.

Terese Buchanan

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