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Over 35 Years

Providing the highest quality of ozone generators and services since 1986

Rid Your Home or Business of Odors From Cigars and Cigarettes.

Remove odors and kill mold and mildew caused by fire and flood with a flick of the switch.


Chemical free way to destroy odor and kill bacteria.

Maintenance Kits

We have genuine ozone generator parts and kits for sale. Each kit contains all the genuine Zontec components necessary to keep your PA100, PA200, PA300, PA600, PA1200, Or PA2500 operating at peak efficiency for the next 6-9 months

Purify your indoor environment without chemicals.

Purify your air with a flick of a switch.

 Chemical Free      Destroy odor and kill bacteria      Refreshing air since 1986

Fast, Easy, Effective Air Quality Solution

Air Purification

Zontec Ozone generators produce millions of molecules that attack and destroy odor, bacteria, tiny insects, mold and mildew. Our ozone machines for sale set the standard for clean air.

Odor Elimination

No matter how difficult an odor Zontec ozone room deodorizer machines can completely destroy all odor caused by most common causes.

Get Rid of Mold & Mildew

Remove odors, kills mold & mildew caused by fire and flood. The easiest and most effective way to deal with these problems all without all the messy chemicals and labor.

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Exposure to ozone can result in respiratory issues.

Zontec is proud of our reputation for putting the customer first in every area of our operations. First is your safety.  Our units produce high outputs of ozone that can be harmful to you and your pets.  Don’t be in the room when running the unit and allow time for the ozone to dissipate prior to re-entering.  Please call or click the button below if you have safety questions or just need help taking care of an issue.

about us

Zontec is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Ozone Generators that are used world wide in various applications. Zontec started manufacturing ozone generators in 1986 in Canada. In the early '90's the company moved to New York and later to Florida. We purchased Zontec in March 2019 and relocated it to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We are ready to help you solve your odor, pest, bacteria, and virus problems. Zontec has provided technology and service for over 35 years. We are dedicated to the research, design and the manufacturing ozone generators and continue to release new technology to meet changing demands.
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COVID-19 & Ozone

Ozone has been proven to kill 99.9% of pathogens in the air including SARS coronavirus and influenzas such as H5N1.  There is no current research to substantiate such claims for COVID-19.  The similar makeup of COVID-19 to SARS leads experts to believe that ozone could be comparably effective against COVID-19, but peer-reviewed evidence is lacking at this point in time.

Ozone destroys viruses by attacking the nucleic acid core, damaging the viral RNA.  COVID-19 is an enveloped virus. Effectiveness of ozone against enveloped animal viruses has been supported by peer reviewed research for decades. Ozone renders other enveloped coronaviruses ineffective by attacking the envelope proteins, preventing the virus from attaching to normal, healthy cells. Without the ability to invade living cells, viruses are unable to infect by replication. It is plausible that ozone will also be effective at incapacitating COVID-19 as well.

My wife and own Zontec Ozone Generators.  I am an engineer and my wife has a BS in chemistry and a MS in Biology.  Because of that, we are not salesmen and won’t make claims that haven’t been scientifically proven.  There are many manufacturers that produce ozone equipment. Anyone claiming that their ozone equipment will kill COVID-19 may be right, but until testing currently being conducted is completed, it is premature to make such claims.

Stay Safe,

Jeff and Sjaan Armentrout