Rental Company Helps Quell Skunk Smell

Rental Company Helps Quell Skunk Smell

by Kenneth MacKinnon

One day I returned home to find that apparently, one of my dogs had cornered a skunk down at the end of the house, where the skunk obviously let loose with some spray. The skunk smell permeated the bedroom at the end where this occurred, and the room smelled so horribly, it reminded me of the gas chamber they use to train military personnel how to use their mask. The odor was not only terrible, but it stung my eyes, irritating them and making them water.

I called a rental company to see if they had some kind of industrial spray or chemical to assist me in removing or covering the smell. From the strength of the odor, I figured the room would not be habitable for at least a week or two. They told me they had recently acquired a machine which their customers used to control smoke odors, cooking odors, and other household odors, and they suggested that I give it a try, so I did.

I brought the machine home, and was not sure how it would work, but I figured I had nothing to lose, so I let the machine run all through the night. The next day, when I walked into the room, I noticed that not only could I not tell that a skunk had ever been within miles of the house, but I also noticed that the room smelled even fresher than the rest of the house.

I called the rental company to find out more about this miraculous machine, and they told me it came from a company called Zontec Ozone, Inc., and the company had discovered a process that mimics what nature does during a lightning storm, which is to make ozone that cleans the air we breathe. The corona discharge inside the machine produces ozone, which attacks at the molecular level, any gasses that are in the air, neutralizing them through physics, and eradicating the odors completely. I have since become a Zontec customer, and have used my machine in the garage and throughout the house completely to eliminate any unwanted odors. Thanks Zontec!

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